Revamp Your Appealing Look With Beautiful Gadwal Sarees

Sarees have always enjoyed a very special place in women’s closets and hearts. Be it any kind of special occasion, a beautiful saree-look is what all Indian women desire. The elegance and elan of a well draped saree along with the right accessories is absolutely unmatched, no matter the age and time. Given our country’s rich cultural heritage, it is no surprise that we have such a huge variety and types of sarees- fabric, composition, art, effects, embellishments- everything woven together in a different style, representative of an individual style. Let’s learn more about one such wonderful category with a cultural root- Pure Gadwal Sarees.

Origin story of Pure Gadwal Sarees:

Pure Gadwal Sarees are a style that originated from village Gadwal located in Andhra Pradesh geographically. Presently, it is a part of Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. It was basically the village of Gadwal where its native residents started this magical weaving of silk, creating one of the most well known and favorite amongst all silk sarees. What makes Pure Gadwal Sarees so special, you ask? Well, it is so light weight and easy to wear and carry that a common thing that is said about Gadwal sarees is that “you could fit it in a matchbox”! Today, pure Gadwal Sarees are loved by women all over the country and celebs have often been seen flaunting their refreshing take on the beautiful and culturally imbibed Gadwal sarees. Now let’s take a deeper look into this traditional masterpiece that is a pure Gadwal sarees.

Making of the pure Gadwal sarees:

Pure Gadwal sarees are handcrafted by its weavers and with the right skills and devotion, they have been weaving one of the richest textile being handcrafted. The body of the Pure Gadwal sarees is made of fine cotton and the border is of pure silk. Sometimes some of the Gadwal sarees also have bodies in cotton silk but the borders are always of pure silk. The Gadwal sarees are particularly made notable by the zari work on the saree. The weaving is done using an interlocking technique which is called kuttu. This is the process used for joining the horizontal joint i.e. joining of the body of the saree with the pallu. The other joint is the vertical joint, where the saree is joined with the border. All of this requires an immense amount of experience and skills. That is when a Pure Gadwal saree is made.

The Beauty of Pure Gadwal Sarees:

The speciality of the Pure Gadwal sarees is that it draws inspiration from its culture and depicts the same on its artwork. As this saree also holds a religious significance in its birthplace, naturally the designs of these sarees use a lot of temples and similar architectures on the body, adorned with many butas and other shapes that occur in nature. The colors of the Pure Gadwal sarees are also earthy colors. But with times and modernization, they are available in a lot many options for colors.

The utility of Pure Gadwal sarees:

A Pure Gadwal saree is ideal for wearing to all kinds of events. Its rich and bright looks and the shiny zari work make the whole look of its wearer breath-taking and who doesn’t want to look their best at a gathering for special occasion. With the right accessories, hairdo and make-up, pure Gadwal sarees can make you look heavenly. So, shop for Pure Gadwal sarees and be occasion-ready always.

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