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      Leave Everyone Stunned With Beautiful Korial Benarasi Sarees

      The Indian woman’s ever so favourite traditional attire is the saree as a beautifully draped saree along with the perfect blouse and accessories can easily lift the style-statement with elegance for whatever occasion they are worn on. But especially on celebratory occasions like weddings, women always want to dazzle the crowd and be the one who looks unusually unique and gorgeous. If you feel like you are someone like that, Korial Benarasi saree is just what you are looking for. But before you go looking for Korial Benarasi online, let’s take a look at what a Korial Benarasi saree is like.

      Korial Benarasi saree is named by the amalgamation of two-words- kora, meaning plain or spotless and benarasi. Well, yes! Of course you know Benarasi sarees, might own one or have heard of them. But don’t put on your shoes yet, because fun fact- despite its name, a Korial Benarasi saree is not made in Benaras, unlike the usual Benarasi sarees. The name is rather because of the all-over golden zari work that is done on the Korial Benarasi sarees, inspired from the Benarasi sarees. The Benarasi sarees are made with dark and royal coloured silk fabrics whereas the Korial Benarasi saree is made using plan white, off-white, beige kind of silk fabrics. In fact the Korial Benarasi saree is weaved in Murshidabad district of West Bengal.

      Korial sarees are of two kinds- one is the Garad-Korial that is a type of the much-popular “sada saree laal paar” concept sarees of West Bengal. The other is Korial Benarasi saree. If you search for Korial Benarasi online, you can find many traditional brands selling some very gorgeous pieces of the Korial Benarasi sarees. The golden threadwork is intricate and the motifs are so delicate, that sets the Korial Benarasi sarees apart from the rest. The Korial Benarasi sarees bring together two beautiful separate concepts and techniques to create an amazing style of saree. One ideal occasion for the Korial Benarasi saree is for weddings, especially worn by the immediate family or siblings of the bride, who herself is draped in the classic red benarasi saree.

      Another factor that makes the Korial Benarasi sarees stand out is the texture of the saree. The weavers use mulberry silk or Tussar silk to weavethe saree’s fabric which is quite unique- paper like yet strong. The saree after completion, is totally easy to drape and carry and also soft to touch.

      Nowadays to maintain the relevancy and appeal to the younger generation, you can also find Korial Benarasi online available in multiple color options, that look chic and yet traditional and classy. Go ahead and shop some Beautiful Korial Benarasi online from the comfort of your own room or space.