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      The Astounding Revelations of Gadwal Silk Sarees You Must Know

      When we name the biggies in the saree fraternity, Gadwal silk sarees occupy an absolutely special place in the frame. Emerging from the Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana, India, this traditional piece of clothing is all about the perfect blend of fine cotton and silk fabric enriched by beautiful Zari works. Bright colors, contrasting borders, heavy pallu, and massive traditional South Indian designs, are some of the significant features you’ll spot in a Gadwal silk saree.
      Indian women all across the globe who have a fascination over Indian ethnic fashion, love to drape Gadwal silk sarees during cultural functions. If you are a fashionista at heart, you will probably go on styling a beautiful Gadwal silk saree and totally rock any event be it corporate or wedding. In this blog, we’ll reveal some astounding revelations of Gadwal silk sarees that you must know if you are a saree lover.

      From the Pages of History

      If we look for the origin and the background of our favorite Gadwal silk sarees, we have to ride back in time and land in the ethnic city of Andhra Pradesh, India. Gadwal saree has got its name from the Gadwal district of the South Indian state of Telangana and its origin take us 200 years back. The making of these sarees involves the good old handweaving techniques and authentic cotton and silk fabrics along with Zari works in the pallu and borders.
      During the ancient time, the weavers reportedly had flown from the coastal territories and came to Gadwal for work. The designs and patterns found in Gadwal silk sarees are mostly inspired from the ancient South Indian architecture. The initial form of Gadwal sarees were termed “Mathiampeta”.

      Unique Features of Gadwal Silk Sarees >>

      When we look at the specific features of a traditional Gadwal silk saree that make it stand out, we need to look at a very fine detailing.


      The first thing we notice is the prominent and contrasting border design. Gadwal silk sarees have a unique silk border with Zari works all over it. The designs might vary from temple work, floral or booti motifs, or traditional paisley pattern. You can find sarees with wider borders and intricate line designs or narrower border with triangular patterns.


      The pallu is the showstopper for a Gadwal silk saree. The fabric is uniquely woven with elaborate golden Zari designs and heavy detailing. Box designs, lotus, peacock, or architectural motifs are quite common in the pallu of Gadwal silk sarees. However, if you are looking for bridal collections in Gadwal silk sarees, then you must look for the ones with heavy pallu designs.


      Generally, the base of the Gadwal silk sarees are done with fine cotton yarns. The most prominent patterns that you can find in the body of a Gadwal silk saree are checkered patterns or stripe patterns. Apart from that, small booti designs all over the body, leaves, wide panels, or big flower designs are also quite common in Gadwal silk sarees.

      The bright and contrasting color schemes are yet another signature style of Gadwal silk sarees. You can choose whatever design you want; from stripes, to patterns, or Zari works, and always come up with experimental looks. However, the above-mentioned facts and features will help you find the best from the lot.