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      Buy Latest Collection of Banarasi Silk Sarees Online In A Variety of Designs

      Talk about one ethnic piece of clothing that purely represents Indian cultural and traditional avenues, everyone will unanimously shout Banarasi saree! Termed after the holy land on the shore of river Ganga, Varanasi or Banaras, these sarees scream elegance and grace from every inch. Banarasi silk sarees stand out with excellent handwoven embroidery, intricate designs, heavy pallu with brocade works, and vibrant colors.
      Today, a wide range of exclusive trends and collections of Banarasi silk sarees is available online. If you are a Banarasi silk saree fascinator and well aware of the current fashion trends, watch out. Here we’ll explore the latest collection of Banarasi silk sarees online in a variety of designs.

      Checks and Patterns >>

      Women of the current generation want it all light and airy. Even for their wedding outfits, comfort plays the predominant role. Hence, the ethnic Banarasi silk saree has also shifted from its signature heavy pallu works to something lighter, like checks or booti patterns. In fact, the incorporation of light Zari material on the silk fabric has been quite a trend these days. If you search through the leading online Banarasi saree brands, you’ll get a variety of these designs and patterns.

      Zardosi Designs >>

      If your wedding bells is ringing, then it’s time for some Banarasi saree shopping. Now if you are more of an ethnic fashion admirer, chances are high that you’ll end up searching for Zardosi patterned Banarasi silk sarees online. These Banarasi sarees mostly cover those designer collections for wedding seasons. Predominantly with golden heavy Zari work, elaborate motifs, big and small booti, a Zardosi Banarasi silk saree has it all to grab the attention of the viewer. However, the feather in the crown is those signature Zardosi engravements all over the saree.

      Patli Pallu Design >>

      Most of the saree enthusiasts around the world are aware of this term called patli pallu. It is a special type of design especially seen in Banarasi silk sarees. In patli pallu, the pleats and the pallu have designs and color schemes that are completely different from the rest of the saree. Many women find such designs very appealing and absolutely wedding appropriate. In general, the color schemes come in contrast and the pleat portion appears with heavily designed works. Color combinations like navy blue and pink, or maroon and golden yellow, are quite common in patli pallu Banarasi silk sarees. If you search online, you’ll find a whole lot of other attractive combinations too.

      Minakari Designs >>

      Minakari is yet another very authentic take on Indian ethnic designs and patterns. Minakari designs are predominant in the sphere of art and craft and for sure in fashion trends. Intricate detailing, elaborate motifs and patterns are the signature marks of minakari Banarasi silk sarees. Loads of designer collections in Banarasi silk saree incorporate minakari work and add a subtle metallic finish to the Banarasi fabric to make it look more royal. If you search for bridal Banarasi collections online, you might stumble upon a host of highly priced minakari Benarasi silk saree options.

      When it comes to Banarasi silk sarees, the canvas is way bigger. On AdiAkshoy online, you’ll find some of the most authentic latest collection of Benarasi silk sarees in a variety of deigns. However, you have to make the right choice within the price range.