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      Enhance Your Poise And Elegance With Pure Arni Silk Sarees

      Originating from a small town named Arni in Tamil nadu’s Thiruvannamalai discrict, Arni Silk Sarees have made their own place amongst the major leagues of sarees. Pure Arni Silk sarees possess a charm and beauty like no other saree and it imparts a glamorous aura to its wearer. Arni Silk sarees, like all other silk sarees, have a royal sheen to them which makes them look so precious and rich. These sarees are great for wearing at weddings, receptions or any similar bright occasions.

      In fact, some women often prefer the Arni Silk Sarees over their better known siblings- the Kanjivaram sarees. This is as the Arni Silk Sarees are lighter in weight and hence easier to carry. Another fact that makes Arni Silk Sarees different from Kanjivaram sarees is that they do not The Arni Silk sarees are made of mulberry silk where the dobby technique is used to weave the silk in warp and weft. Usually all Arni Silk sarees have a thin zari border or it could have small designs along the border. Nowadays, we can also find heavier variety of the Arni Silk sarees, with a higher warp and weft counts.

      Pure Arni Silk sarees are distinguishable due to their usage of mulberry silk and pure golden zari (though sometimes imitation zari is also used for these sarees). There are certain more features of the Arni Silk sarees that make them pretty special:-

      > These sarees have a small zari border on a pure silk saree and the pallu designs are kept rather on the simpler side.
      > The weight of the Arni Silk sarees is also an interesting thing- though they are lighter than Kanjivaram sarees, these Arni Silk sarees are still heavier than Benarasi silk sarees.
      > Arni Silk sarees often have a border that is solid colored or contrast-colored.
      > Interlocked borders with the bodies- be it a single border-type or a both-sided border is a unique feature of the Arni silk sarees.
      > Also, the Arni silk sarees come with traditional checks and striped patterns.
      > Arni silk sarees take somewhere from one week on a handloom to one day on a power-loom to be made.
      > Arni silk sarees are particularly found in bright and rich colours with very typical motifs on them like that of trees, peacocks, or other forest related objects.

      These sarees are a great choice for they suit women of all age-groups. The elegance of silk sarees packed with the classy punch of unique attributes, the Arni Silk sarees are all one can ask for draping on a special occasion to look absolutely chic and surreal. So without further ado, make sure to add some beautiful Arni silk sarees to your saree collection.